When we talk about a private investigator, it might immediately conjure an image of a highly competent individual going after another person committing illegal activities. In other words, they are people hired to undertake legal investigative services. They typically work for attorneys in civil and criminal cases to look for information and reveal people’s whereabouts. They also perform extensive research and robust surveillance to meet their clients’ objectives, such as to see if a spouse is cheating or if someone’s doing some illegal activities.

In this article, we will share three reasons you must hire a private investigator for your case or situation:

1. Capability to complete assignments

As mentioned, there are various tasks that can be assigned to a private investigator. Since they are multi-faceted, you can rest assured knowing that they will complete the assignments, no matter how challenging they may be. If you’re wondering what particular tasks they can accomplish, take note of the following:

  • Background checks: Individuals, businesses, and organizations usually hire a private investigator to check the background of stakeholders they will be working with, whether working for a company, doing business with a vendor, or sealing a contract with a supplier.


  • Various investigations: There are a handful of investigations that a private investigator can handle, which include a personal injury lawsuit, a divorce case, insurance fraud, and welfare fraud.


  • Handling criminal cases: These can vary from one case to another, where a private investigator can take actions against a stalker or predator, finding evidence for fraud or embezzlement, or checking the legitimacy of key documents.


  • Personal investigation: Some individuals hire a private investigator to see if their spouse is cheating or if their children are involved in some illegal activities. Others investigate their business partners or members of an organization to ensure that they are legitimate.

Here at Security Solutions International, our reliable team of private investigators in Stafford, Virginia, can handle intellectual property theft, computer forensic investigation, legal cases, corporate and financial investigation, and even loss prevention.

2. Knowledge, skills, and expertise

Keep in mind that there is a distinct line drawn between security personnel and a private investigator. While both have undergone the needed training and certification to earn their titles, the latter has undertaken extensive and robust investigative training. You can expect them to possess the following:

  • Knowledge: They have extensive knowledge in different fields, such as medical, military, financial, relationship, and even legal areas where investigation and surveillance are extremely necessary.


  • Skills: More than just the investigative skills, they exhibit other essential attributes needed to perform the job, such as communication, and organizational skills, interpersonal relationships, public relations, and negotiation skills.


  • Expertise: They have undergone specialized training in investigation, so you can expect them to have a high level of expertise in this field to solve any case you have.

3. Legal connections

What’s great about private investigators is that they have a circle of legal connections as they’ve worked with different attorneys and judges. In fact, they can go as far as testifying in court while presenting gathered pieces of evidence from their robust investigation. Along with this, they have a basic understanding of legal information, such as surveillance laws, privacy invasion, illegal recordings, and other related issues. Ultimately, they are licensed in multiple states with valid legal certification for hire.


At this point, you now realize that there’s more to a private investigator than you might expect. Not only are they capable of completing assignments, but they are also experts in the field and have legal connections. With all these valuable benefits, they’ll bring out the best results in your specific case and help you meet your objectives!

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