Private investigators play a big role in the justice system. Sometimes called a private eye, private detective, or inquiry agent, a private investigator is someone that can be hired for investigatory services. They take on cases that are generally not covered by other security professionals and generally do work for attorneys in criminal cases. 

That being said, if you are curious to know about what exactly a private investigator can do before hiring them, here is a list of services they can offer to you:


One of the most common reasons a private investigator is hired is for surveillance on a certain person or even a group of people. 

For example, an individual might be suspicious that a particular person is stalking them. They can hire an investigator to check on the suspicious person to confirm the matter! A private investigator can also carry out surveillance jobs given to them by corporate entities, like an insurance company requiring evidence to know if a claim is true or not. 

Put simply, for most surveillance matters, a private investigator can do the job, whether it be to survey someone for an action or to look for evidence.

 Background checks

Private investigators also frequently do background checks. In fact, most, if not all, private investigators offer this as part of their list of services! 

A background check includes understanding a person’s history to reveal various information. For example, it can be done to identify their credit history, career history, criminal history, and other such information. This particular service may be required for certain activities and processes, such as for gaining employment in a company or becoming a tenant in a certain housing area, among other things. A private investigator may even be hired by certain individuals if they want to uncover a secret of someone else they may be romantically attached to! 

Generally, though, a background check is done for security purposes.


Evidence-gathering is also one of the more commonly used services that a private investigator can provide. It can be used in certain scenarios, such as a person trying to figure out if their partner is cheating. In such a task, a private investigator will start off with surveillance to see if the alleged cheater is being unfaithful, and will gather any pieces of information that may support the claim. 

Of course, they do not only deal with infidelity. They may deal with insurance companies involving insurance policies, or they may deal with businesses to investigate business practices. They may even go as far as identifying abusers or theft! These are just examples of the investigations that private investigators can offer to find evidence—and they may offer even more extensive searches, depending on the need.


Overall, private investigators are the ones that get “down and dirty” when it comes to surveying, checking, and investigating certain matters. Their job is to help collect the pieces of information required for various purposes, whether to support or claim, maintain security, or dictate a court case. 

That said, if you are interested in working with a private investigator, we highly recommend taking the time to identify reliable ones that offer the services that you need. Different investigators will have different specialties, and it is vital you pick the one that satisfies your need to achieve your goals.

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