The workplace is often considered the second home of an employee. For this reason, as an employer, it’s your responsibility to create a safe working environment where employees can feel at ease while doing their jobs. Remember that the employees’ welfare must always come first when operating a business. This is because, when there are potential threats around, your employees will feel discouraged to go to work without a sense of security.

If you are an employer looking for an effective security solution for your commercial building, this article is for you! The information we will share will help your company take measures to keep your workplace safe and secured. Here are several steps to take to keep your employees safe in the workplace:

Hire Security Guards

Security guards are the most effective security solutions since they act as the first line of defense against any external threats. In fact, they are trained and experienced in dealing with any threats and difficult situations within the company. Security guards can set back criminal offenders since they are armed officers. They can also settle internal arguments within employees because they are trained in conflict resolution to prevent further escalation of tense situations. 

Promote Company Awareness

The best thing that you can do for your employees is to have honest, transparent, and informative possible threats or dangers they may face in the workplace so they can prepare themselves. This practice will promote a sense of inclusion to the employees, making them feel empowered and aware of harmful situations. Keep in mind that some people tend to be afraid of situations they don’t know or understand. For this reason, it is better to lessen those fears by keeping everyone informed at all times. 

In promoting awareness, you can consult a security company to prepare a threat and assessment for your business. After the risk assessment, they can help you develop safety protocols and an emergency response plan that tackles various situations. 

Work Together with Medical Personnel 

Injuries and accidents are inevitable, so it is crucial to have a medical expert on standby. This is why partnering with occupational clinicians will provide valuable insight on how you can prevent injuries and accidents from happening in the office. They can also visit your location and identify any areas that pose a high risk of causing injuries. Keep in mind that your workplace must be fully equipped with safety kits in case of emergencies––including medical personnel––to treat minor ailments, injuries, and symptoms to make sure employees are healthy and working at their full capabilities.

Know the Building’s Entrances and Exits

As an employer, you must ensure that your employees are familiar with the layout of the company building. This way, they will know about all the entrances, exits, and emergency routes if danger strikes, including fire outbreaks, gas, and chemical leaks, active shooter situations, and natural disasters. 

In the event of an emergency, you must immediately initiate the emergency response plan you’ve developed and start taking the appropriate steps to ensure your employees’ safety. On the other hand, employees should also familiarize themselves and memorize emergency procedures to keep them safe at all times. 


Your primary role as an employer is not just about business but also about knowing how to take care of your employees’ welfare since this will be a driving force for them to stay and be loyal to your company. Now that you know the importance of keeping your employees safe, it is time to seek professional help to take your efforts to another level.

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