When looking for a reliable professional process server, it is vital that you pay attention to the qualities the process serving company has to offer. Process serving is a vital part of any legal or justice activity because it ensures that everyone participating in court will be notified of the lawsuit or court order in place. Process servers ensure that the person’s right to Due Process is kept protected—ensuring they receive a fair application of the law before anything happens to them! In other words, it guarantees a fair trial no matter who you are.

With that, here is what you need to look for to pick the right process server for your need:


The best process servers you can find have all completed the right and proper training course to pull off the job. These courses are required before the servers can participate in a written exam, along with a test on the Code of Ethics. 

In the courses, they learn about what state laws they must abide by, and also how to approach different individuals that are hostile. In other words, they learn how to protect you along with themselves during their process service.


The process serving industry is a highly unpredictable and even volatile one. As such, while it is not required for process servers to have to be bonded or have some form of liability insurance, it is a good idea to ensure the server you work with has one. It is always better to be safe than sorry in these situations, and insurance can ensure that you have some peace of mind!


The more experience a process server accumulates, the better they will be at their task. Professional and effective servers are ones that have worked in various situations, thus giving them the advantage of having developed solutions that worked. This not only increases your chances of success working with a particular process server, but also ensures they have the experience and ability to help you out! 

To ensure that, be sure to ask the process server about complex cases they have faced and what they did to overcome the challenges.


With any process server you work with, it is vital they have the right equipment in place to do their job properly. This includes having a GPS to guide them around the area, a communication device to stay in contact with you, and a computer to look for recordings. Other equipment like scanners, a vehicle, and other such devices are also important to ensure they can do their job properly. 

Customer Service

Only the best process server offers excellent customer service. This is important for you simply because if you have any questions or concerns, you can always bring up an inquiry with them without a fuss. Having reliable customer service means you get help quickly when you need to, not forced to wait around to contact, or even just to get answers for simple questions!


Apart from what we have already talked about, there are many other things you can also look at, such as the service fee, their qualifications, and more. These considerations have to be made if you want to ensure you work with a professional process server that can ensure your legal documents arrive on time when you need them. 


That being said, the final consideration you must always make is your gut feeling. If you have this off-feeling that a process server may not do their job well, it might pay you well to look for someone else. A good process server is one that can gain your full trust and is one that will satisfy your needs.

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