Keeping business open is vital nowadays, especially during the pandemic, when people are losing their jobs left and right. It is much harder to find a job that would fit your skills and experience, so what better way to earn a living than to be your very own boss!

Starting up your own business would ensure that you have a grasp of your own time, that you have a say on the whole business model, and that every major decision to be made would come from you and you alone (unless you have a business partner). Now, as important as running a business is, you shouldn’t forget the safety and security of your venture and your employees.

It doesn’t even matter what type of business you have—crooks and thieves will always have enough time on their hands to ruin everything for you if you’re not careful. Because of this, you should always be prepared, and you should be countless steps ahead of them, no matter what.

“How would I effectively protect my business?”

There are many ways of doing this, but here are five of the most vital ones:

Invest in high-quality security systems


There are a lot of effective security solutions in the market today, and these usually include hi-tech cameras and equipment. Some modern CCTVs are able to capture a high-definition video recording of the whole office/store hours, with no interruptions. The same goes for alarms, motion sensors, and even infrared vision cameras that are able to detect movement, even beyond your usual business hours.

Have a strict hiring process


Sometimes, the enemy doesn’t come from the outside. No, they prefer to strike from within, wearing sheep’s clothing during the hiring process, only to turn out as wolves who are willing to cross the line in the end! You may have heard of cases wherein a new hire suddenly made off with the cash register within their first few days on the job. 

This is a common occurrence amongst companies and businesses that were not able to screen their new hires properly. Motivate your HR department to check the references and, if possible, check out the social media accounts of the applicants, just to be sure!

Install a highly efficient antivirus program on your office computers


Nowadays, crooks are getting in on the whole ‘digital age’ act as well. There are hackers who, when given the right opportunity, would hack your systems, steal your important digital documents, and hold them up for ransom, unless you pay them a hefty amount. 

Since the dawn of the internet, many online businesses have fallen prey to these types of MO. Learn from their mistakes and install an effective anti-phishing and antivirus software now!

Limit your employee’s access to very sensitive files


If you’re not keen on hiring a private investigator just to keep tabs on all your employees, at least consider limiting their access to very important documents. No one should get a hold of these files, except for you and the other ‘higher-ups’ of the company. 

Remember, trust is earned, and your employees should learn that early on.

Hire a well-trusted security service for your business


You obviously can’t do it all alone. You’d need the help of professionals—especially when it comes to security. 

Take us at Security Solutions International VA, for example. Our whole repertoire of security services and 30 years of expertise are proof that we are the right ones for the job, especially if your venture happens to be in Virginia! May it be for commercial security or residential security, we have all the well-trained professionals and extensive equipment to get the job done. With us on your side, no crook or burglar would ever think of even attempting to steal from you and your company.


The security of your business and the well-being of your hardworking employees are things that you should be taking seriously right from the start. There are many ways of accomplishing this, but remember, security is best left to the professionals, so feel free to ask for help whenever possible. The future of your venture depends on it.

Are you looking for security companies in Virginia that can watch after your business? We have just the thing for you! From Residential and Commercial protection to event security, we utilize innovative technology and professional training to protect your life and property. Get in touch with us today to find out more!