Security is an excellent inclusion to your property to protect your business and assets. It is also a necessity when you’re in an area prone to crime and theft. However, there are many security companies in the industry, making it hard to screen and find the best ones.

Here’s a short list of what the ideal commercial security service experts should present.

1. Experience

There are start-up security companies that have just started in recent years. Although they may offer lower prices, that may entail less experience. Having guards that don’t have an extensive background can prove to be a disadvantage if they don’t understand how to best protect your business. 

It is more optimal to station your property with guards with more experience. Security experts with seniority may understand how to secure your property better. They may have also dealt with security issues while manning previous businesses. 

2. Customer Service

If you’re facing a problem, you would need to contact customer service. Friendly and reliable 24/7 customer service will be the most ideal if your business operates at all hours of a week. They should be open to inquiries and quick to find answers.

Dodgy customer service can reflect poorly on the commercial security service company as a whole. If they don’t give optimal information, it may bring a headache rather than proper help. 

3. Proper Training

The best commercial security service will have knowledgeable and well-trained staff ready on board. Experts should be able to come up with security plans that they can implement regularly. The strategies should be tailored and designed to protect your business best. 

Guards should also be able to anticipate any unexpected situations that can come about. Experts should also be able to adapt to any breaches and be quick to think on their feet.

4. Guard Accountability

You won’t be able to monitor the guards and check if they are at their stations all the time. Some companies can disregard guard accountability, but you’d want to make sure that patrols and security check-ins are still ongoing. You want your property to be free of any harm even when you’re away. 

Commercial security services should be able to offer a tracking system. As an alternative, it’d also be good to have proper records that reflect the guards’ movements.

5. References

Legitimate commercial security services should be able to give references when you ask for them. Some companies can turn out to be scams and waste your money. Quick verification should always be carried out before hiring.

If you can speak to past clients, try to ask whether they had a positive experience working with the commercial security company you’re screening. They may criticize the service’s attitude or work ethic that can be a catalyst when deciding to employ the security company.


Integrating proper security and guards can be a wise but expensive decision for your business. It’s imperative to get your money’s worth and hire a commercial security company to ensure protection for your property. That way, you can sleep better at night and rest assured knowing your business is in good hands. 

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