Ankle Monitoring Device: Track Offenders & POI (Persons of Interest), The Smart Way

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Fredericksburg Ankle Monitoring Solutions (GPS, Marijuana & Chemical Tracking)

If you’ve been looking for an effective way to monitor people under house arrest, persons of interest, alcohol, or drug abuse rehab, you need a smart way to monitor your subjects.

Drug abuse treatment providers might need to monitor their patients for rehabilitation. Local police forces might need to keep repeat offenders under house arrest.

Judges and local courts have a constant need to keep an eye on subjects, monitor curfew declarations on people, monitor drunk-driving cases, and more.

Our Ankle Monitoring device is a state-of-the-art, lightweight, and dependable solution to monitor people. Stay limits on geographical freedom, enable house arrests, keep track of chemical readings, or help caseworkers and police units keep track of repeat offenders.

Specific tests are only necessary when the supervising party needs to confirm the type of drug or the presence of alcohol as indicated by the ankle bracelet readings. The primary sensor measures the chemicals emitted transdermally from the body and measured against a pre-test baseline (trip-level) for each offender.

Some of the features include (but not limited to):

– Fully integrated Active GPS and chemical sensors

– Our shock-resistant, water-resistant, and lightweight ankle monitoring device can be worn at all times (including the showers).

– Monitor 24/7 with real-time chemical readings.

– Monitor and track subjects with an easy-to-use and intuitive tracking monitoring software.

– Integrate with other solutions with other service providers, courts, and law enforcement units.

Control Everything Active Geofencing & GPS on Cellular Networks

Wifi is great, but it’s limited to a certain radius around the property.

Our house arrest ankle bracelet unit runs on your cellular network so that the bracelet is monitored at all times and is unhindered by the limitations of WiFi.

For matters involving strict enforcement for offenders on drug abuse, often judges also impart strict rules on geographic limits for offenders. In such cases, our active GPS and geofencing system help put out an invisible perimeter for a custom radial distance that you can easily set (or remove).

While the GPS feature acts as a hawk’s eye on subjects so you always know where your subjects are.

Use our GPS and geofencing features, & get:

– The location-tracking information in real-time

– Automatic compilation of the complete listing of your subjects’ locations visited

Restrict Escape With Active Removal Detection & Reporting

Offenders or persons of interest that you want to keep a track of cannot just remove the ankle monitoring device.

Since our location tracking software (along with geofencing, GPS, information streaming on cellular networks, and all other features) is completely web-based, there’s no need to install software, patches, or drives to your computer.

Launch your browser, log in to our location tracking and monitoring software, and get instant information on offenders or persons of interest.

Make use of the baseline sensor data while controlling your GPS settings anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive screen design and function provide easy monitoring. If and when required, you can also print out the complete history of geofencing violations (if any), historic location-based movements, and time-stamped information.

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