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Looking For Apartment Security Services in Fredericksburg?

If you have been wondering about apartment security, condominium security, or how to keep your entire gated community, apartment blocks or condominium blocks, and even your locality secure, you’ve been on the ball.

Importance of Apartment Security

Did you know that there were a grand total of 24 arrests, 25 direct indictments, and at least 26 search warrants obtained or executed in the year 2019 in the departments of Fredericksburg, Virginia alone?

Consider these crime statistics of Fredericksburg, Virginia. this: There were 27 cases of motor vehicle theft, 775 cases of larceny, 43 cases of breaking and entering; 71 cases of aggravated assault, and at least 23 cases of robbery, according to the Frederick Police Department statistics and crime analysis.

Regardless of the Crime Statistics of Fredericksburg, Virginia, safety is paramount for you and your family. If you are a community manager, apartment landlord, condominium owner, or a house owner, the onus of keeping yourself safe and secure is on you. Apartment security and condominium security management trump everything else.

Are you an apartment landlord, apartment community manager? Are you in charge of security for estates, apartments, or condominium blocks? Your search for comprehensive security solutions — under one roof, delivered by an able and efficient team — ends here.

At Security Solutions International Virginia, our trained and certified security agents implement effective security solutions for residential and commercial clients — take your pick from comprehensive customized solutions for residential and commercial property protection to managing event security.

How do we do it? Apart from our collective experience, dedicated staff, and our hyper-vigilant processes, we utilize innovative technology and professional training to protect your life and property.

Armed & Unarmed Security Personnel for Hire: Gear Up To Put Off Crime

Are you looking for surveillance, security, and armed (or unarmed) security personnel to help guard your property or the property you are responsible for?

We are the first real responders for you in the unfortunate events of anything that closely resembles crime.

We offer uniformed and plain-clothes officers, on-site security guards, marked vehicle patrols, and alarm response.

Gain from our collective experience to prevent outside intrusions, curtail vandalism, and keep away instances of robbery, attacks, more.

Furthermore, we can also help monitor tenants’ behaviour and provide assistance or stand guard if you ever have to find yourself with the task of removing bad tenants.
Our armed and unarmed security personnel and staff are available –along with bespoke security solutions right here in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Do you have any of the following types of properties you need security for?

Retail Shopping Centers, Shops, and Malls.
Manufacturing and Warehousing units
Real Estate or Construction sites
School Security
Concierge/Security Operators
Private Shelters and senior care establishments.
Local and Federal Government departments.

As custom requests, we also take up personal or Executive Escorting and Security services.

We are the team you can confidently depend on for Armed and Unarmed Security forces for hire.

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Residential Security Solutions: Discreet & Robust Security

Home is where the heart is, sure. Both your home and your heart, however, need relief from stress.

Anxiousness, fear, palpitations, sleepless nights and feeling vulnerable aren’t what you want in your life.

Increased instances of robbery, kidnapping, vandalism, motor vehicle thefts, and burglary have only made all of those feelings all too real.

Your home needs ultimate protection and you can’t do it alone. Our residential security processes ensure that while we maintain discretion, we respond with blazing speeds. Calm, measured, but swift responses are what we train for.

Instead of cookie-cutter solutions, our residential security plans are individually tailored to suit your needs (or those of your family members’).

Learn more about our Residential Security Solutions in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Commercial Security Services: Vigilant, Trained, & Customized

Looking for able, systematic, and highly-trained security solutions for your commercial property or commercial establishments? We got you covered.

Your business is your livelihood. We do everything we can (overt, covert, discreet, or sometimes not so much) to keep your business safe and secure.

Be it theatres, leisure centers, retail parks, high-street shops, shopping centers, public events, our customized security solutions offer you peace of mind, much-needed protection from commercial losses, vandalism, robbery, and attacks.

Keep yourself, your business and your staff safe. See how.

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Was an outstanding experience. Company was in a jam with a violent termination and we ended up getting amazing protection, security safety advisory, and we also now use Luke for our company’s background checks. We are in good hands and so are our employees. The process is smooth, professional, and highly efficient. We were not only impressed, but wowed. Luke’s group went over and above and we will use them exclusively in the future.

Mollie N.

These reviews don’t surprise me! They are awesome to deal with. Previously I had a security company that I won’t mention contact me and just quoted me over the phone, so I went with it and in this field you truly get what you pay for, I was thinking lowest bid was good but like I said, you get what you pay for and I wasn’t happy. So I reached out to Luke and his team, and he was at my location ready to do the site walk through. He even assisted with site security plan and emergency plan. I am extremely impressed. His team takes care of us and above all he takes care of his employees. I would recommend his services.

Omar C.

Luke was great and easy to work with and the whole process was smooth. I would definitely recommend their services and will use them again for future events.


These guys are awesome and amazing definitely helping me take care of my problem I would highly recommend anybody looking to hire security go with them. They have the best customer service they care about what they do and the best part is they care about there clients.


Professional, quick response time. Personable and trained staff. Professional attire. Look forward to using their services again.