Using the right effective security solutions is vital for your business. As a business owner, you are responsible for keeping your property and everyone in your property safe and secure. Unfortunately, vandalism, thefts, and assault can happen right at your place of business. Thankfully, security guards can help deter crimes, detect suspicious activities, and take the proper steps before these issues escalate. 

When hiring security officers, you have two options: armed or unarmed personnel. While both offer protective services, each provides a different level of security. Choose which one is the right choice for your needs by knowing their differences first.

What Is Armed Security?

Armed security includes trained professionals in safe weapon handling and carrying. Besides protection, they can use lethal force, depending on the situation. Hiring them is especially helpful if your business deals with highly valuable products and services that require a robust level of security.

For example, if you are working for a bank or a jewelry store, the presence of weapons and expert weapon handlers could be enough to dissuade criminals from attempting a crime. Even if they still push through with a break-in, your armed security guards can gain control of the situation through their training.

What Is Unarmed Security?

Security professionals who don’t carry weapons are called unarmed security. Unlike armed security, they will not use guns or other high-impact weapons. They could be the best choice for your business needs if you require a more discreet element of protection. For instance, they can blend with the crowd at your event or disguise themselves as one of your customers.

Additionally, the presence of weapons can do more harm than good. It might agitate criminals, which can escalate situations or make other customers feel uncomfortable. In these situations, unarmed security can be ideal because they keep things under control without having firearms involved.

Which Type of Security Is Better for Your Business?

The type of security professionals you hire all boils down to your business’s needs. Using armed security services is right for you if your place of business is in an area with high rates of violence or you sell items considered as tempting targets for criminals. But before hiring armed security, consider if you need them 24/7. You should also take into account if they are intimidating in plain view since they can accidentally drive away customers.

On the other hand, unarmed guards are the better choice if you have a limited budget. They are usually cheaper to hire than armed guards because they don’t require insurance liability. Their expertise might also be enough for your needs if there is a police presence near your property or your place of business is in a safer area.


The last thing you want to do is accidentally scare away customers because of the unnecessary presence of weapons in your store. Meanwhile, hiring security professionals who don’t offer enough protection isn’t ideal, either. So before choosing, determine which would benefit your security needs more.

Picking the best security guard company to meet your specific needs is an excellent way to protect your business’s future. If you are looking for a committed security company in Virginia, then you’ve come to the right place. At Security Solutions International LLC, we have armed and unarmed uniformed security guards and security officers in plain clothes. Request a free quote today!