Matters of safety and security are serious considerations to make, whether it’s for a residential or commercial area. No matter where you want to employ security services, you need to be sure that you’re making an informed decision. It ensures that you’re choosing the right kind of service for exactly what you need.

On-site security and security patrol services are two of the standard options you can choose from with many security companies, and we’ll be talking about the differences and benefits each has to offer.  To start, let’s define what these two are.

What Is On-Site Security?

On-site security services mean having the constant presence of a security guard on your property every day. This kind of service involves security personnel available to respond to any threats in no time and gives an uninterrupted reassurance of safety. 

They can schedule patrols within the designated premises, but they wouldn’t leave to check on other properties but yours. Most people who choose on-site security services usually need a constant presence of authority to keep trespassers away.

What Is a Security Patrol?

Security patrol services cater to people who need minimal security presence on their property. The service works by having one or two security personnel come by the property at designated times. 

This could either be a short visit or a drive-by. Usually, you need this type of security personnel in multiple locations, so they’re not recommended if you need a higher level of security.

Which Service Best Suits Your Needs?

To determine which one of the two services best fits your needs, you must consider a few things, such as the location that you wish to provide security services to and the requirements involved in the job. It’s also recommended to consult with the security agency you plan on employing so that they can provide you with their professional opinion.

Whether residential or commercial, if your property is considerably large and you need a constant presence of security, it’s best to get on-site security services. While they can be costlier than patrol services, they’re much more efficient for a job that covers a sizable area.

Hiring multiple security guards for your on-site security service also means that they can detect suspicious activity quickly and respond effectively. Their constant presence will also dissuade people from potentially committing a crime. It’s important for maintaining safety and providing peace of mind for you and the other people on your property.

Meanwhile, security patrol services are advised if your property is smaller because it takes less time to perform rounds and there are fewer places to check for possible disturbances. It also means it’s easy to set a security patrol around. This service is excellent for people who want some peace of mind at certain times during the day but struggle with a minimal budget.


Ultimately, your safety is what matters most. Knowing your specific needs for a security job enables security personnel to serve you better and give you assurance that you deserve. If you’re still unsure about what service best fits you, you can consult with a trusted agency for effective security solutions.

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