Businesses constantly face security and safety challenges, but these risks are heightened during off-business hours. To prepare for them and gain peace of mind while away from the place of business, it’s important to identify these vulnerabilities. Doing this will allow businesses to fill in those gaps and prevent criminals from taking advantage of these weak points. Here are the major security risks to watch out for:

Accidents Caused by Third-Party Vendors’ Negligence 

Many third-party vendors are present at commercial establishments during odd hours. For instance, cleaning companies and repair professionals stay on the premises on weekends and after business hours since it is the most efficient time to get their job done. 

These service providers aren’t working for you directly. They are also not responsible for ensuring everyone’s safety and the security of the building while they are performing their tasks. A late-night cleaning team may forget to lock the facility’s exit, leaving the establishment vulnerable to thefts. Since they cannot be considered as extra security officers, keep a close eye on them and monitor their actions.

Lack of Security Measures in Unoccupied Buildings

Lawbreakers recognize the importance of timing since it is crucial in performing criminal acts. For instance, burglars usually infiltrate a building after business hours since entering one is easier when there are only a few people inside. 

Don’t underestimate how these criminal acts can damage your business. While simple vandalism may not have a significant impact on your daily operations, burglary and theft may result in costly damage. 

Prevent such situations by taking necessary precautions to protect unoccupied buildings, especially during off-business hours. Work with a security company to hire security guards and install security cameras throughout the premises.

Employees’ Safety After Hours

Dayshift workers may sometimes have to work overtime to finish assigned tasks. For example, accounting staff might have to work late to close the books. The marketing team might also need to brainstorm to come up with creative marketing ideas. Regardless of the reason why they must stay in the office during odd hours of the day, these employees must be kept by their employers.

Full security measures should be put into place. Besides installing CCTV cameras and requesting security personnel to roam around the premises, companies should implement coded access control to keep intruders away from the office.

Fires and Other Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can cause water damage, electrical shorts, or combustion of stored chemicals. While all of these problems can happen anytime, the potential damage is more problematic when they occur during off-business hours. This is because no one will be around to do damage control. 

Thankfully, this damage can be prevented or reduced by working with trained security guards who can help catch emergencies. Having a monitoring and alarm system is also beneficial for notifying the right people regarding flooding and fires in the building.


Businesses are more vulnerable to security risks during odd hours. Now that you are aware of these vulnerabilities, it’s time to address those gaps and create a safer environment for your employees and customers by seeking notch effective security solutions from a reputable security agency. 

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