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Security Solutions International can offer you bespoke security services for the commercial market. Whether it is an event, public attraction, theatres, leisure centers, retail parks, or shopping centers, we can offer your company a tailored security service.

Our trained security personnel are able to provide an overt or covert service, our officers remain equally as vigilant and proactive in their duties, regardless of whether they remain discreet and unnoticeable, or present the visible public face of our clients in the form of receptionists and concierge personnel.

Our reputation is invested in our people. Here at Security Solutions International, We only select the highest caliber of personnel. All of our Security Guard Applicants are assessed on many key issues and all personnel are fully trained.

For a free commercial security site survey give us a call today FREE on 1.888.774.8723, or complete our online quoting form.

Our Promise

We aim to provide our customers with the highest standard of commercial security at a competitive market price.

We see it within the news every day – retaliatory acts of aggression in schools and offices around the globe. Protecting employees from such acts has been a growing concern among many organizations. Layoffs, lost shareholder earnings, and disgruntled employees are just a couple of the damaging scenarios that would end in harm to your organization’s personnel.

We provide all that you would expect from a customer-focused company; bearing in mind that delivery of your agreed security service remains our main priority.

Security Services For Financial Institutions

We are uniquely positioned to offer customized security services to meet the specific needs of any company or organization.

We offer various types of commercial security services such as commercial security check services, to the banking industries for foreclosed and vacant properties, to visually check and document forced entry at their locations.

Financial institutions face a very real and costly increase in break-ins to unoccupied properties, homeless intruders (squatters), and the added liability exposure this brings to the institutions holding these properties.

We will provide qualified licensed and insured personnel, to check these properties that stand in financial limbo. This service will save the financial institutions, mortgage companies, and banks hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, personal liability, and lawsuits.

Other Commercial Security Services

Together we can create a serious impact in the reduction of crime in the Fredericksburg area, and provide a more secure environment for our new residents and commercial clients.

Our security specialists protect our client’s investments, enforce laws on their properties, and deter criminal activities and other problem-solving duties.

We use radio and telephone communications to call for assistance from police, fire, or emergency medical services as the situation dictates.

Our professional guards write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned missions.

The objective of a security assessment is to provide management with a written report identifying the threats and vulnerabilities, review of security policies and procedures, reinforcement of existing protocol, recommendations of security measures, and implementation for definite solutions.

The following list contains some of the commercial services we offer:

Facilities & Industries:
Security Police, Officer Training Facilities
Commercial Retail
Industrial Complexes
Government Services-(GSA)
Maritime Port Security-USA
Airports, Military Facilities, Judicial Centers, Water Treatment

Services & Locations:
Real Estate Property Management
Video and Film Production
Special Events
Workplace Compliance
Crisis Management
Office Buildings
Apartment Complexes
Construction Sites
K-9 Services
Gated Communities
Entertainment Venues
Executive Protection
Body Guard
Shopping Centers
Retail security
24-Hour Patrol Services
Alarm Services and Response Team
Spot Check Services
Armed & Unarmed Officers and Plain Clothed Officers

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Was an outstanding experience. Company was in a jam with a violent termination and we ended up getting amazing protection, security safety advisory, and we also now use Luke for our company’s background checks. We are in good hands and so are our employees. The process is smooth, professional, and highly efficient. We were not only impressed, but wowed. Luke’s group went over and above and we will use them exclusively in the future.

Mollie N.

These reviews don’t surprise me! They are awesome to deal with. Previously I had a security company that I won’t mention contact me and just quoted me over the phone, so I went with it and in this field you truly get what you pay for, I was thinking lowest bid was good but like I said, you get what you pay for and I wasn’t happy. So I reached out to Luke and his team, and he was at my location ready to do the site walk through. He even assisted with site security plan and emergency plan. I am extremely impressed. His team takes care of us and above all he takes care of his employees. I would recommend his services.

Omar C.

Luke was great and easy to work with and the whole process was smooth. I would definitely recommend their services and will use them again for future events.


These guys are awesome and amazing definitely helping me take care of my problem I would highly recommend anybody looking to hire security go with them. They have the best customer service they care about what they do and the best part is they care about there clients.


Professional, quick response time. Personable and trained staff. Professional attire. Look forward to using their services again.