The role of a security guard is probably one of the most misunderstood professions today. Many people have a general idea of what a security guard does, but not everybody understands the nuances of their responsibilities. 

Sometimes people working in this field are treated with little respect and thought to be nothing more than people who stand outside establishments and open doors or act as receptionists. Others may even come to a misguided conclusion that guards are just lazy and have the worst jobs!

These are all misconceptions about this line of work. Appreciating the presence of effective security guard solutions requires debunking some of the common myths that plague the security industry.


Security Guards Have Boring Jobs And Are Lazy

Just because the action associated with protecting people from danger is mostly absent daily doesn’t mean that security guards are doing nothing as they stand watch. What they do requires plenty of energy and discipline. 

Security guard companies train their personnel to keep a high level of alertness and active observation while on shift. Security guards are also trained to be vigilant in case they have to act in the presence of a dangerous or unpleasant event. This makes their jobs anything but boring. 


Female Security Guards Aren’t As Effective

Although security guards are mostly male, it does not mean that their female counterparts are any less effective at addressing illegal or prohibited behavior. About 21.5 percent of professionals in this industry are women, and the demand for security guards under this profile is still rising. 

Many security guard agencies add female applicants into their lineup to add a fresh approach. Some people are also less intimidated by a female security guard, which makes them more trustworthy to the public. 


Security Guard Training Is Simple

Before the police, security guards are your first line of defense. Therefore, they have to be trained sufficiently to handle any situation that requires people’s protection. 


Armed security guards, for example, do not just stand there to look intimidating. They’ve been trained to understand complex codes to respond to and handle their clients. Some states even require guards as much as forty hours of training to be granted a license. 


Security Guards Should Be Well-Built

Many people visualize a tall, very beefy, and muscular person as having the right physical attributes for a security guard. While this can help intimidate any troublemakers that roam onsite, being observant and having a sharp presence of mind is more important. 

Different industries may also require security personnel with different physical and personality attributes that fit the role more. Retail stores might want to hire more courteous and welcoming personnel while corporate environments may value a discreet but professional looking security guard. Never forget that skill and temperament are just as important as physical attributes!


Security Guards Are Only Present To Deter Crime

Security guards play other important roles apart from their primary assignment, which is to deter any threats from the area that they’re guarding. They also report to their client and assist any civilians that might be entering the establishment. People trust these professionals enough to ask them for directions, assistance, or emergencies that might occur, such as the search for a lost child in a commercial building. 


Security Guards Are Expensive

While some large and well-established institutions or companies might require the services of an agency that provides more expensive security guard services, there are also companies that offer more affordable services for entrepreneurs. 

Hiring a security guard is also an investment that protects any establishment from potential damages or break-ins that might occur if the security guard wasn’t there in the first place. 



After shedding light on these myths about what security guards actually do, the training they receive, and the costs involved, anybody can appreciate their presence and respect their role. 

Agencies make sure their deployed security personnel are well-equipped to handle compromising situations that may arise at a moment’s notice, making your security guard partner an indispensable part of your business’ safety. For the safety, protection, and comfort of your business establishment, you can trust in the right security guard and agency. 

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