A doorman and a security guard may seem to serve the same function, but ask anyone in the security industry and it becomes clear that the two are very different jobs with distinct functions and responsibilities. If you are looking for someone to hire for your residential or commercial space, the most important thing is knowing what kind of service you need. Only then will you be able to understand the type of professional to employ. 

In this article, we aim to shed light on the difference between doormen and security guards by discussing the following categories:

  • Job Description
  • Background 
  • Pay and Type of Service.

Keep reading to learn more about these two professionals and how you can know which one you need.

Doorman VS Guard: Job Description

They may both perform their duties in the entryway of a building or property, but that does not mean that doormen and guards perform the same tasks. 

A doorman is someone who stays in a particular building or event location’s access point. There are several types of establishments where they are commonly seen, including residential homes, clubs, and pubs. 

Doormen are responsible for ensuring that only permissible people enter the premises. They have the authority to reject anyone violating the rules or not having the appropriate identification from entering the property. The doorman is also responsible for assisting guests and getting to know people from the same building. They call taxis and provide help to people they are working for. 

Compared to doormen, security guards have fewer responsibilities but are dedicated to a more specific task: protecting the property and the people inside it. That is why some of them are authorized to carry weapons or tools to use when the need arises. They need to know how to assess different social settings and judge people’s emotional states to determine whether a situation is dangerous. They are also tasked to provide first aid and CPR whenever necessary and report to the police when dealing with armed civilians. 

If security is your number one priority, then hiring a security guard might be a more practical option for you. 

Doorman VS Guard: Background

Doormen don’t require formal education, but all security guards undergo proper training before seeking work. They need to meet specific standards and be fully informed about the SOPs before they officially start working. 

Since they have a particular work but with a broader scope, guards need to be trained and licensed first. Security guards need to have excellent communication skills and technical expertise. Some even have first aid and CPR knowledge, which allows them to bring more skills to the table. Doormen primarily need to be service-minded and know how to identify where they are needed. These are skills that they can develop themselves but will mean the difference between a mediocre doorman and an exceptional one.

Doorman VS Guard: Pay and Type of Service

Usually, the pay is also an essential factor that helps building owners decide what type of professional to hire. Their difference in setup makes a difference when it comes to the payment of the two.

A doorman usually has a fixed pay compared to a security guard paid depending on the hours of their service. If you look at it on an annual basis, doormen are paid approximately $70,000, while security guards average at $31,000. 

However, aside from the pay, you also need to consider the type of service you need. If you own a property that needs a 24/7 service for your building, you need to hire four full-time employees exchanging shifts. A simple calculation will prove that you can save a lot of money hiring security guards.


Doormen and security guards have different skill sets and serve different purposes. Whom you should hire will depend on the factors you prioritize the most. For some, the cost will be the tiebreaker, while for others, purpose served is more important. Just remember that whether you are hiring a doorman or a security guard, make sure to get the right people from trusted suppliers.

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