When you’re the manager or owner of a commercial building, you’re charged with the task of ensuring that your premises are safe from threats at all times. You need to make sure you protect your tenants and visitors from any potential dangers, such as violent attacks or theft, as you may be held liable for any resulting harm or injury. However, if you haven’t experienced many security issues, you may think that you’re in the clear. Be wary of being lulled into this false sense of security, as any property can be vulnerable to security threats.

Even if you’ve outfitted your parking lots and entryways with security cameras, it doesn’t always deter aspiring criminals from infiltrating your property and carrying out their malicious activities. The one surefire way to reinforce security in your building is by hiring commercial security services, who can assess your weak spots and fortify them.

Protecting Your Parking Lot

According to some recent statistics, parking lots and parking garages reportedly witness over 300,000 property crime incidents. Crimes like these make it even more crucial to station security patrol services in the area. Property crimes include burglary, vandalism, assault, theft of an item in a motor vehicle or the vehicle itself, and drug violations.

If a parking area isn’t adequately secured, then it is often a hotspot for crime. Poor lighting, which is a frequent feature of many parking lots, make it easy for offenders to hide from their victims and security cameras. It also makes it difficult to identify them, whether via surveillance or from witness accounts. If your parking lot or garage does not have secured access like gates or fences, it multiplies the potential for criminals to exploit your visitors and tenants.

Fortunately, hiring effective security solutions means that an armed professional will be patrolling the vicinity, ensuring that people in parking areas are protected from any harm or threat. They can perform random mobile patrols, close any security gaps, respond to suspicious behaviors, and assist your guests and employees. They can also keep you informed of any security issues they’ve identified, providing valuable peace of mind.

Dealing With a Rise in Crime in the Area

If your building is located in an area with a surge in crime, you’ll want to take extra steps to reinforce your property. Even if you have yet to experience any instance of crime, it doesn’t mean that criminals will never target your property, so it’s best to have security guards patrol your property and protect it from threats.

To stay updated on the crime statistics in your area, be sure to consult with your local law enforcement agency, as they’ll be sure to let you know of any necessary details. You can also keep up with local news outlets to have an idea of the crime trends near your commercial building. That way, you can prepare yourself to fight them while securing your property.

Taking Care of Non-Criminal Incidents on Your Property

Although it’s essential to be aware of any criminal acts surrounding your property, it’s also equally crucial to be prepared for any non-criminal incidents. Making sure your building is safe from slip-and-fall accidents, tripping hazards from unsupervised machinery or equipment, or any potential for injury or harm is part of protecting your tenants and visitors. They may also lead to expensive lawsuits.

Fortunately, having security guard services on site will ensure that these non-criminal events are immediately taken care of, keeping your people and business safe. These professionals can also administer lifesaving measures in the event of a medical emergency, such as a visitor experiencing a sudden heart attack on your premises. They know how to respond quickly, which is vital to such situations.


There’s no such thing as too much security, especially for a commercial building. Your property can be a target of a crime at any time, so it’s crucial to implement all protective measures and maintain them. By hiring commercial security services to fortify your building, you’ll provide a safe and secure environment for all your guests, tenants, and employees.

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