Going through traditional means to settle disputes between conflicting parties means interacting with official organizations and local authorities. This allows proper documentation and proper response from appointed specialists to handle your case, whether they’re property lawyers or professional accountants. However, not all cases will be adequately solved by just relying on these methods. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands. This is where private investigators can come in handy.

What situations call for a private investigator?

A private investigator can gather clues and evidence for court cases or private disputes through interviewing people, verifying information, and conducting surveillance. Unlike the flashy scenarios in TV and movies, private investigators need to comply with state and federal restrictions. For example, they can’t just arrest a suspect or impersonate law enforcement. Nevertheless, there are numerous opportunities to hire a private investigator, whether you’re an individual or a business entity. You can ask for a background check on your employees or involve a larger scale like investigating implications of identity theft or insurance fraud.

In this article, we’ll share five times a private investigator will come in handy.

Child custody cases

Going through a divorce requires you to build up your credibility to fight for your children’s custody. Unfortunately, tensions can run high with personal testimonies that can get overly emotional. With a private investigator, the court will be more willing to listen to objective facts and observations they can gather.

Identify theft

Identity theft is no simple crime since it can cause severe financial loss to you if you don’t bring the criminal to law enforcement immediately. A private investigator can use their contacts and use the limited information you have to track down the person using your identity for illegal means. While they’re tracking these suspects, they can also advise you on securing your accounts to prevent them from being used by con artists or other fraudulent individuals.

Personal injury cases

During personal injury cases, it’s beneficial to have as much information as possible to support your claim for insurance or reparations from involved parties. It’s advantageous to hire a private investigator to gather eyewitness reports, evidence, and other information, especially if you’re unable to do these tasks yourself due to severe injuries.

Background check on employees

Besides potential claims and court cases, you can also hire private investigators for tasks outside the jurisdiction of the law. For example, a private investigator can do background checks on your prospective employees. Business owners do this to ensure that the people they hire don’t have any criminal history or odd behavior or affiliations that can harm their brand.

Company reconnaissance

Sometimes, you need to scope out potential business partners or investments to see if they’re good for your business. For this reason, a private investigator can confirm or invalidate their claims. This prevents you from dealing with fraudulent entities or companies with a poor track record with business deals.


Remember that it’s best to rely on official authorities to solve your conflict with other individuals or parties. However, if you require a go-to person to find out different angles on your case, hiring a trained private investigator can be the solution you need. Thankfully, you can contact numerous security agencies to connect you with the right professional for your purposes.

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