If you’re a property manager handling a shopping center, you’re probably familiar with the fact that many factors can affect the results you get with your efforts. 

Compared to other types of properties, shopping centers are far more complex because they house more people, cover more ground, and rely on more systems to run smoothly. Considering that these properties are capital intensive and require a hands-on approach at every turn, to say that being entrusted with managing one is a challenge would be a total understatement. This is especially true when you’re hired to ensure that the property is able to thrive.

A key concern to watch out for

When you take a look at the shopping center management success equation from a general standpoint, you’ll quickly realize that having a meticulous approach is a mere necessity. Throughout the building process, you’ll need to focus on handling facets like marketing strategies, promo creations, collections, and tenant management because they all bear a degree of influence that’s far from negligible. 

But as you continue to manage your property, you’ll also quickly realize that one of the biggest factors that influence the success of your shopping center is the application of proper security practices. 

Key security practices that can help your property thrive

Although it may not seem like much at first, learning to keep your shopping center more secure through the use of proper security practices is a practice that will eventually leverage a rather significant impact on its success. Considering that the average consumer places a bigger importance on safety in any public space, doubling down on the security of your premises can lead to:

  • Increased footfall
  • Higher levels of premises activity
  • Increased public trust and awareness
  • Improved property market value (which can help you justifiably increase your rates)

Fortunately, ensuring that your shopping center is as safe as possible doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an impossible task. In fact, doing so boils down to using the following best practices: 

Practice #1: Keep your employees sharp with regular security training

When it comes to ensuring that your premises stay safe at all times, it’s essential to understand that helping your employees remain prepared goes a long way. By taking the time to conduct or invest in regular training sessions ( yearly or semi-annually), you’ll be able to ensure that your first line of defense is capable of stopping potential threats at all costs! 

When you run regular security workshops, you’ll be able to help your on-site personnel become more aware of various security principles, such as:

  • Techniques to screen the spaces entering and exiting the center
  • How to recognize the difference between a serious threat and a harmless incident
  • Methods to transport and move cash on busy shopping days
  • Ways to communicate threats with other personnel when needed

Practice #2: Invest in the right tools for the job

Apart from keeping your employees prepared with regular training, another key practice that you can use to increase your shopping center’s overall level of security is to get the right security solutions for your premises. From state-of-the-art infrared CCTV cameras to accurate motion detection systems, any tool that can help you keep your premises as safe as possible will always prove to be a worthy investment!

Practice #3: Hire qualified security personnel

If you want to ensure that your shopping center remains protected from the persistent safety threats it can face, then it’s essential that you enlist the services of qualified security experts. Through the help of Security Solutions International’s in-house professionals, you’ll be able to employ security personnel that have the necessary skills, experience, and training to help keep your shopping center secure on all ends! 


While there are many different factors that you’ll need to worry about when helping your shopping center thrive, one key aspect of success that maintains its importance is safety. By employing the three key practices mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that your premises remain safe and primed for activity and lucrative experiences!

Security Solutions International takes immense pride in being one of the best security services in Stafford, VA. If you’re looking to protect your shopping center at all times, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help!