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With many years of law enforcement experience, Security Solutions International has the expertise and resources to offer our client cost-effective services. Our investigation team works to protect our client’s confidentiality and provide the information and answers they are seeking. Utilizing still and video surveillance, GPS tracking, and our network of resources; we’re able to provide due diligence and guarantee the satisfaction of our services to all of Fredericksburg.

What is a Private Investigator?

So, What is a private investigator? Great question! Thanks to the movies and Hollywood it has never ever been such a confusing question to respond to. With the likes of Magnum PI, James Bond, and Austin Powers.

A private investigator’s job description has been in need of some investigating in itself to actually define what is a private investigator.

An investigators main objective is to gather the facts. They link up the evidence gathered in order to come to a conclusion. Topics can be about a wide array of matters, P.I.’s provide many forms of solutions to many forms of customers. Ranging from professional, business, to personal background information.

How We Conduct Our Investigations

Security Solutions International provides private investigation services and are able to use several methods to pinpoint the facts in a scenario. A lot of our work is performed by gathering data. We have various and indispensable resources right at our fingertips, that can be accessed from our laptops or computers.

Some methods of fishing for data can consist of telephone calls or going to a subject’s place of work. In other instances, investigators meet with individuals and speak with them to collect as much info as they can. The most recognizable, ironically as it can be is when we go undercover. That is when we conduct surveillance in a manner as to not be detected and gather information, facts, or to spy on a given subject matter.

We are skilled in carrying out physical types of surveillance. We may stake out an individual’s home or business using various tools of the trade. Ranging from mini-photo cameras, videos, GPS tracking devices to name a few in order to collect information on a person.

How We Work With Our Customers

Conducting insurance investigations, taking statements, drawing accident scenes, and taking photographs. The type of specific job we conduct is dependent on our client’s needs.

For instance, a worker’s compensation case may call for us to execute an undercover investigation of a person suspected of committing a fraudulent claim. In the event that an examiner observes the individual doing an action that contradicts an injury reported in a worker’s claim, we would most likely record the activity and report it to the customer, saving the customer hundreds if not thousands in fraudulent claims.

The many types of categories that fall under Investigative work can be one of the following below:

Intellectual property theft
Computer forensic investigators
Legal investigators
Corporate investigators
Financial investigators
Loss prevention agents

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Was an outstanding experience. Company was in a jam with a violent termination and we ended up getting amazing protection, security safety advisory, and we also now use Luke for our company’s background checks. We are in good hands and so are our employees. The process is smooth, professional, and highly efficient. We were not only impressed, but wowed. Luke’s group went over and above and we will use them exclusively in the future.

Mollie N.

These reviews don’t surprise me! They are awesome to deal with. Previously I had a security company that I won’t mention contact me and just quoted me over the phone, so I went with it and in this field you truly get what you pay for, I was thinking lowest bid was good but like I said, you get what you pay for and I wasn’t happy. So I reached out to Luke and his team, and he was at my location ready to do the site walk through. He even assisted with site security plan and emergency plan. I am extremely impressed. His team takes care of us and above all he takes care of his employees. I would recommend his services.

Omar C.

Luke was great and easy to work with and the whole process was smooth. I would definitely recommend their services and will use them again for future events.


These guys are awesome and amazing definitely helping me take care of my problem I would highly recommend anybody looking to hire security go with them. They have the best customer service they care about what they do and the best part is they care about there clients.


Professional, quick response time. Personable and trained staff. Professional attire. Look forward to using their services again.