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With the ever-increasing amount of residential vandalism, theft, cars being stolen to order, and even kidnapping, there is a growing concern for the safety of your home. These experiences can be disturbing leaving physical and emotional scars such as leaving you feeling vulnerable, anxious, scared, and all this in your own home… somewhere you should feel safe.

Security Solutions International understands the need for total discretion and privacy for you and your family. Every residential security plan is individually tailored to suit the client’s and other family member’s needs.

Our residential security team will be a completely customized protection unit whose sole purpose is to protect you & your property.

Discrete and Secure Response

In the event that a significant situation does occur, our security team will act accordingly to quickly diffuse the threat. We are trained to stay calm, level-headed, and pro-active under times of duress.

We also understand that discretion in these situations is usually essential to our clients, so we act to guard your integrity. With the professional team of security personnel on your side, you’ll be sure that you’re in good hands.

Customized Residential Security Strategy

If you’re concerned about any risks affecting your property, assets or yourself, then Security Solutions International services are the answer. Our management team will begin by completing an in-depth risk assessment of your unique situation to spot potential problems and form a cohesive security strategy that minimizes the potential for threats to occur.

Once we’ve worked with you to make an efficient security strategy, our highly skilled security team will work tirelessly to take care of the security of your residence. You’ll feel confident in the residential security services that we provide.

Why Choose Security Solutions International?

Include the years’ experience of our management team and you have the basis for our service guarantee; that is reason #1 for choosing Security Solutions International. We are able to offer a complete range of security services that would be the best choice for your safety.

Professional Security and Management Team

We recognize that service is important to our clients and understands that service is only as good as the people you employ. We take great pride in the selection and training of the professionals that represent our company. Thorough background checks, on-going training, as well as customer service training is employed to ensure that our clients receive top-level professional to meet their needs.


Our security and investigation professionals are supported by an Operation management team that ensures they are onsite, properly dressed, and prepared. When customizing a security or investigation plan, our clients are able to request reports daily, weekly, or as-needed basis via a communication tool of their choice. Our operations management team is available 24 hours/ 7 days a week to respond to our clients’ needs and expectations with consistent and effective results. This means that you’ll have rapid response, on-going communication, and operational excellence.

Customized Security Programs

Whether we are devising a program for a long-term contract or a short-term contract, we believe that understanding our clients’ needs is the best approach to delivering our guaranteed approach to service. We base our customized programs on our client’s input as well as our own assessment and recommendations; allowing Security Solutions to provide an optimal security and/or investigation program. We are able to offer a cost-effective program that will meet your needs as well as offer a variety of payment plans. Contact us to request a quote along with a site assessment.

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Was an outstanding experience. Company was in a jam with a violent termination and we ended up getting amazing protection, security safety advisory, and we also now use Luke for our company’s background checks. We are in good hands and so are our employees. The process is smooth, professional, and highly efficient. We were not only impressed, but wowed. Luke’s group went over and above and we will use them exclusively in the future.

Mollie N.

These reviews don’t surprise me! They are awesome to deal with. Previously I had a security company that I won’t mention contact me and just quoted me over the phone, so I went with it and in this field you truly get what you pay for, I was thinking lowest bid was good but like I said, you get what you pay for and I wasn’t happy. So I reached out to Luke and his team, and he was at my location ready to do the site walk through. He even assisted with site security plan and emergency plan. I am extremely impressed. His team takes care of us and above all he takes care of his employees. I would recommend his services.

Omar C.

Luke was great and easy to work with and the whole process was smooth. I would definitely recommend their services and will use them again for future events.


These guys are awesome and amazing definitely helping me take care of my problem I would highly recommend anybody looking to hire security go with them. They have the best customer service they care about what they do and the best part is they care about there clients.


Professional, quick response time. Personable and trained staff. Professional attire. Look forward to using their services again.