Security has become a growing concern in the modern world, which is why it’s crucial to put in the effort to ensure that your home is safe to live in for the years to come.

Many people who reside in apartments don’t put much thought into their unit’s security since they think the great height will protect them. It shouldn’t be the case since not even a high-rise apartment will deter desperate crooks. 

You still need to put great stock into residential security no matter the floor you’re staying on. This article will provide you with some steps that can help you make your home more secure.

Install New Locks

The problem with apartments is that they tend to have several previous tenants. If your landlord doesn’t make it a point to change the locks before a new tenant arrives, there’s a possibility that a stranger has access to your home.

Before settling in completely, ask your landlord if you can change the locks in your apartment. If possible, add a deadbolt to the main door and locks to the windows. 

Changing the locks means that the only people with access to your apartment are you and your landlord. 

Invest in Smart Home Systems

Purchasing a smart home system is another way to increase your residential security. While it’s on the more expensive side of things, it’s a worthy investment given how many benefits it brings to your apartment.

A smart home system is a centralized hub for all systems in your home, from security to heating and lighting. It can help regulate the temperature in your apartment, turn the lights on and off, detect the carbon monoxide levels, and sense if there are occupants in a room.

Additionally, you can connect smart home systems to security cameras and access them through your phone. If you have one in your home, you can check on your apartment even when you’re away on a trip. 

Store Valuables in a Safe

If possible, store your valuable items, such as jewelry, money, and documents, in a quality safe. Doing so prevents burglars from swiping them on the off chance that someone does get into your home.

While you’re at it, consult your landlord about anchoring your safe to the wall or floor. This way, burglars won’t get the chance to take the entire safe when they come and go. 

Get a Dog

Aside from being excellent, lovable companions, pets are also tried and tested security measures for homes. Dogs, in particular, tend to bark or growl at unknown visitors. It’s even been said that they can sense if a person has bad intentions. 

If your apartment building allows it, you may want to consider getting a pet for added security and companionship. 

Establish a Proper Security Routine

The journey to a safe apartment doesn’t end with purchasing security measures. It would help if you also took the time to start a routine that has you checking on your apartment regularly.

It means making sure the windows and doors are locked when you’re about to go out or sleep. If you have an automated security system, you also need to check if the alarms are set if someone breaks in. 

Taking the extra time to do these tasks adds an extra layer of protection to your apartment’s security. 

Final Thoughts

A secured home can make you feel safe in your living space. It can indeed be expensive to invest in residential security, but you’ll find that it’s worth it when you have to worry less about being burglarized or attacked in your own home. 

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