Personal Protection Security Guard

Our Personal Protection Security Guard Service can include:

  • Discrete Bodyguard Service
    “Plain clothes” agents are able to blend in with the client’s environment to allow the client and their guests to feel a sense of security without the typical “guard” presence that most agencies provide.
  • Bodyguard Service – Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)
    BDU operatives are used in conjunction with our discrete guards to secure event perimeters, draw attention away from clients, and provide attendees with a point of contact to report suspicious activity.
  • Armed Car Service
    Our highly trained agents understand that our clients are most vulnerable while in transit. As a result, only the most qualified agents are assigned to Armed Car assignments. We offer one or two man teams of experienced enforcement or military officers who are required by company policy to carry firearms. Additionally, all of our agents are Certified Emergency Vehicle Operators (EVOC) and are highly trained dignitary protection specialists.

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