Video surveillance technology serves as remote eyes for security forces and management. It helps provide security personnel with early detection capabilities during security breaches or other attacks within a property. This type of equipment plays a critical part in any comprehensive security plan. If you are considering getting one for your residential or commercial property, you should know that alongside video surveillance is video monitoring. 

A CCTV alone will not give you the protection you need. It will only help your security personnel monitor more locations at a given time. Now, there are two types of video monitoring services that you might want to understand better. Knowing the difference between the two will help you decide which service will be more helpful for you.

Two Types of Video Monitoring Service

Traditional Monitoring

This type provides a more reactive system. That means something needs to trigger the system first before it alerts security personnel. One example of this is a motion sensor. It is a video monitoring service that is commonly used today. However, one downside is that a thief may have already entered your property before you, your security personnel, and the police learn about it. 

Most of the time, police officers do not prioritize reports triggered by motion sensors and the like, as most of them come from false alarms. This can be a drawback, especially if you are dealing with quick burglars. However, if you have a security team ready to respond right away, this type of video monitoring can be beneficial.

Live Video Guard Surveillance

This type provides more than camera surveillance. This system also has artificial intelligence and a two-way voice intercom. That means before a person can enter a property, the security personnel will have already interacted with or intercepted them. 

For example, they can use the two-way voice intercom to warn a suspicious person that they are being watched. Your security can talk to the intruder, encourage them to find their way out, or ask them to discontinue their plan. To scare them off, your security personnel can also turn on audible sirens even before the intruder reaches your property. 

Moreover, security service providers looking out for your place can quickly determine if a suspected person is simply a delivery service, mailman, or housekeeper. Human intelligence is one factor that a motion sensor cannot copy, and it can prevent false alarms from happening. Because your security personnel can have a better view of the trespasser, they can immediately call the police or 911 for immediate assistance in case of a real threat.

As a homeowner, you can check what is going on with your property without even leaving your bed. Modern security services now come with mobile apps to help you get full access to your security system. 


The main difference between the two types of surveillance is how they react to the situation at hand. Unfortunately, gone are the days when burglars and trespassers stopped in their tracks upon seeing a security camera. They even cover up better to avoid being identified in the recorded footage, making traditional monitoring services ineffective. As a commercial or residential property owner, you will need a more proactive approach to security, and the second method might give you more reliable service and protection. 

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