There are many reasons a background investigation is done. Some reasons include hiring new employees, taking on new tenants, choosing a public official, and making an investment. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to background checks because they need to be customized based on your areas of concern and your overall needs and reasons. 

There are different types of background investigations, such as: 

Online Background Investigation

A basic online background check is already good enough to verify a person’s identity, find any serious criminal offenses, and identify registered sex offenders and international terrorists. Usually, online background checks are used to identify a criminal you wouldn’t allow within three miles of your home. 

FBI Background Investigation

Consider this a more thorough investigation wherein every moment from the time a person is born will be revealed and examined. This is used for extraordinary circumstances, such as when they need to investigate high-ranking people or those who are involved in high-stakes litigation. 

Through this type of investigation, you will get more information that will make you question a person’s character as it can reveal a history of failed businesses or even inappropriate comments hidden deep in social media accounts. 

Additionally, an FBI background investigation can also bring to the surface a person’s financial issues, falsehoods, exaggerations, controversial remarks, problematic connections, and many more. 

Curious to know which situations call for an FBI background investigation? A good example would be when lawyers are involved in high-stakes litigation and want to know more about a star witness. This type of investigation may also be ordered if a private equity firm is making a major acquisition, in which they want to know more about their new president. 

Unless you have some close friends in the FBI, getting into this type of investigation on your own can be extremely time-consuming, but you will definitely find loads of information you never thought you would. 

Reveal “the Basics”

There are a lot of things that can be revealed in a background check, especially if it’s as comprehensive as an FBI investigation. On the other hand, standard background checks may reveal necessary information, such as education history and degrees, professional background and work history, licenses, and professional organization membership, etc. 

Working with an Investigator

If you want to get the best information about a person, you may want to consider hiring an investigator. By doing so, you can guarantee you will receive accurate and reliable information, which can give you further insights into a person’s character. Moreover, a good investigator can do a great job even with little information. 


If you’re conducting background checks, whether for business or residential purposes, hiring an investigator is the best course of action. Sure, it may seem easy to do it on your own thanks to the internet, but you will be pretty limited when you do. If it concerns your safety and your credibility, it’s worth hiring a private investigator to do the job for you. 

With that, you need to work with a reliable security company that specializes in private investigation. 

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