Whether hosting a corporate event or festival, you’ll have to tick off a list of logistical prerequisites. First, you’ll be booking oculars for fitting venue spaces and budgeting for a catering service. Most importantly, you’ll be narrowing your shortlist of effective security solutions. 

No matter the agenda, security matters can become unpredictable. Thus, commercial security services can work to your event’s advantage. 

What is a Security Patrol Service Responsible For?

Patrol guards inspect, monitor, and respond to security incidents. Unlike traditional, stationary guards, a patrol service is nomadic, roving to prevent unwelcome guests’ entry.

Besides mitigating criminal acts, roving police are also equipped to respond to natural emergencies such as inclement weather and disasters. Security patrol will also be closely in touch with supervisors, taking shifts across checkpoint locations. 

Vitally, routes, and shifts must be random to prevent criminals from predicting patrol timing and recognizing personnel. Each should be equipped with standard communication devices and protective tools such as pepper spray. Whether you can legally hire armed patrol will depend on your state’s gun laws. 

A strong security team should have no problem adjusting to unexpected circumstances. The purpose of a roving guard may change even within a single shift. Thus, hires must also be familiar with the geography of the surrounding area. 

Different Types of Security Patrol Services

Most companies offer two types of security patrols—foot patrols and vehicle patrols. Both will perform virtually identical tasks, though they may utilize different equipment. 

For instance, foot patrols can survey from within the property, noting any open windows, broken doors, or suspicious conditions. Then, they notify supervisors, who will confirm necessary responses to the presented risks. 

On the other hand, vehicle patrols are responsible for larger sites and typically drive a golf cart, motorcycle, or bicycle. Their added mobility allows for shorter intervals between roving shifts and enables personnel to cover a larger area. 

Which type of patrol you select will ultimately depend on the number of guests you’re hosting, the venue’s size, and the kind of event. If you’re catering to a V.I.P., for instance, hiring a security patrol service will be necessary—and likely explicitly requested. 

When is a Security Patrol Service Necessary?

As we mentioned above, one of the common instances that require a roving patrol is for corporate events. It might also be advantageous to those within the events sector or catering industry. 

Depending on your niche, you might have valuable uses for short and long-term security. Typically, you’ll find that hospitality, construction, and even agricultural enterprises will benefit most from a security guard firm. This is particularly true for sectors that run their business on larger properties.   


Security patrol services are an excellent way to ensure safety during corporate events and similar affairs. With professional contractors on your side, you can focus on operational tasks and ensuring that you keep your guests enticed and entertained. 

Employ extra muscle with Security Solutions International VA security patrols. Beyond property, we aim to protect people. Furthermore, we can tailor a security program according to your business’ needs and ensure 100% client satisfaction.